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TV Shows on chronic pain do not get it

I cannot stay quiet any longer. I have been a chronic pain patient for over two decades: CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, dystonia, Dysautonomia, Barre Lieou Syndrome, vasovagal syncope, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, etc.… I used to get upset that no one in my situation was ever represented on television….

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Charlotte Weekly: Fight The Flame Raises Awareness About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Imagine a medical condition where a hug, an autumn breeze or even contact with one’s clothes could cause crippling, searing, red-hot pain. This is what people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome deal with every day….

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RSDSA Community Update: Getting the Word Out 

On November 1, 2015, it was raining in Charlotte, North Carolina. Groups of healthy young athletes mingled with CRPS patients sporting canes and wheelchairs in the drizzle. Friends and families gathered in the Race Village. The Governor and Mayor had declared the day CRPS Awareness Day…

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My Story: A CRPS Story of Pain and Perseverance

I try to participate in daily meditation and relaxation exercises to help soothe the rocky parts of my daily life.  When your everyday plans revolve around how much pain you will be in that day, depression, sadness, and many times hopelessness can set in easily.

Being stuck in a rut of self-pity can be a slippery slope and is a horrible and sometimes cynical feeling.

I used to ask “why” all the time and cried my past allotment of “it is not fair.”…

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Take a peak at this video of Beth Stillitano regarding the Medical Thermography Grant to the American Academy of Thermography in 2019!

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For more information about the grant and how it is being used to help patients please click here


Spectrum Local News: Runners, Walkers Raise Money to ‘Fight The Flame’ of Chronic Disease


Runners and walkers of all ages took part in the 4th Annual “Fight the Flame 5K” Sunday morning at McAlpine Creek Park, raising money for a degenerative neurological disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)…

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My story: I can Finally Explain How CRPS Feels

I am always trying to explain to people how CRPS feels.  It is a very hard concept for people to grasp.

People who live with CRPS describe their pain as sharp, burning, stinging, stabbing, aching, and throbbing.  I generally respond that I feel my body is on fire; as if someone has replaced my blood with ignited gasoline.  I guess that is hard for non-CRPS suffers to imagine…