This Is CRPS

Kim’s Story

“I’ve had CRPS since 2009. I was diagnosed after a patient ran over my foot with his power wheelchair. I’m an OT and was working in an outpatient setting. The therapists were quick to identify the first signs of CRPS and my orthopedic doctor agreed. I tried to continue working with multiple modifications; knee scooter, wheelchair, walking boot, half days…

“Referred to Pain Management and started epidural injections and medications with no relief. I was then sent for a spinal cord stimulator trial and psychological counseling to address the depression. My stimulator leads were soon replaced with a paddle lead for more effective pain relief. This was done in 2012. In 2017, my paddle migrated and I had revision surgery again in 2018.

“Even with my stimulator and medications, my pain and fatigue control my days. I often have trouble sleeping and wake up tired and in pain. Medications take up to an hour to work.


“CRPS has taken away my husband, career, home, and social life. I don’t see any changes in my future.

“I shower three to four times a week, using a seat and hand held shower. The water feels like tiny razors hitting my leg and  I have to rest before I get dressed. I wear leggings and soft socks because jeans and pants rub my leg and increase my pain. Shoes are worn as little as possible and are purchased for comfort only, there is no option for cute. My days are full of doctors appointments and rest breaks. I’m 48 years old and living life in seclusion. CRPS has taken away my husband, career, home, and social life. I don’t see any changes in my future.” – Kim

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